Public consultation forms a vital component of an Environmental Impact Assessment study, in accordance with Namibia’s Environmental Management Act of 2007. The MAWF, NamWater and the City of Windhoek all recognise that the independence of the Environmental and Social team is essential to uphold local and international scrutiny in the assessment of the options put forward and assessed. The aim of the consultation process is to ensure that all persons and / or organisations that may be affected or interested in the project are informed of the issues and are able to register their views and... Read more

The Honourable John Mutorwa, Minister of Agriculture, Water & Forestry at the launch

The study was officially launched today by the Honourable John Mutorwa, Minister of Agriculture, Water & Forestry, who stated:

"This is an important occasion for water planning and development in Namibia. And because water is at the centre of human health and wellbeing, and at the centre of economic development, it is also an important occasion for Namibia’s overall socio-economic development. A country’s ability to plan ahead says a great deal about its capacity and its intentions. Foreign investors look at a country’s ability to provide water, power and a secure and consistent... Read more

The Technical Component of the Environmental & Social Inception Report and the Technical Component of the Engineering Inception Report which contain the tasks and activities associated with the Pre-Feasibility Study investigations into "The Augmentation of Water Supply to the Central Area of Namibia and the Cuvelai" have been finalised.

» Download the reports here.